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Rouge Signature LARGE 30cl Gold Surprise Candle.

Rouge Signature LARGE 30cl Gold Surprise Candle.


LARGE 30cl Jar Candle with surprise genuine 9ct gold studs (pair). 


Introducing Rouge, an enchanting candle fragrance that beckons you into a world of irresistible allure. Prepare to be captivated by its floral and woody blend of jasmine, saffron and amber - a symphony of scents that ignites passion and stirs the soul.


Hand-poured in East Sussex with only the finest sustainable coconut wax mixed with small amounts of Soy wax, this perfect blend ensures a long-lasting burn time of approximately 45 hours.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our product - from the eco-friendly wax blend to our use of 100% natural fragrances. You can rest assured that you're not only enjoying a luxurious scent but also contributing towards reducing our carbon footprint.


What sets us apart is not just the quality ingredients we use, but also what we dont use - no unnatural colourings or additives are used in any of our products. Although, we try our best to reduce plastic waste, to ensure that the earrings remain protected they are wrapped in a small plastic wallet and wrapped in foil.


Please ensure that you blow your candle out when the foil package is loose and use tweezers or a spoon to remove your surprise! Allow to cool on a piece of kitchen towel or cloth and then wipe away excess cooled wax before opening. 


Experience the ultimate indulgence with Lumen Designs' Rouge signature candle - it's sure to transport you into a world of pure sensory bliss!

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