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Welcome to the Lumen Designs and Crafts Website.

Lumen Designs was established in 2014 and is run and curated by the Artist, Cultural Anthropologist and Author of the Poetry Book 'Mitternacht', S.A. Hall.

The studio is based in East Sussex, not far from Hastings beach.

Lumen Designs collates all of S.A. Hall's drawings, paintings, written works, and home décor items.

Within our web store you will find such items as greetings cards, wall art, stationary items, clothing items, jewellery and head pieces. Many of which feature original art by S.A. Hall.

“I have a culturally diverse family background. My mother being of Anglo-Indian / Norwegian descent and my father being from Guyana in South America. This blending of cultures has always been a source of inspiration in my work, as well as being a person with a life long neurological condition. 

My work is considered humorous, introspective, dark and often parodical”.

Photo Credit: Sara-Louise Bowrey Photography

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