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Light Switch / Plate Cover

Light Switch / Plate Cover


We teamed up with 'T3chni 3D Prints' to create our unique light switch covers. These are 3D printed and have a wonderful rainbow pearlescent shimmer which can be seen in the daylight. 


There are currently 3 designs and more to be worked on!


Cat sat beside Crescent Moon.

Cat stretching by Crescent Moon.



Colours are: White, Black, Gold, Blue, Green, Red (please ask for other colours). They will fit all standard light switch covers and even some thermostat switches (as shown!).


You can also email us specific requirements to have one personally created (small extra fee added for this service by T3chni 3D Prints to create).


You can order these direct and just message us to specify  of the 3 designs you would like!

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