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Forest Witch Antler Headdress

Forest Witch Antler Headdress


Immerse yourself in a realm of enchantment with these extrordinary hand decorated Forest Witch headdresses that transport you to a magical world of whimsical wonder. Adorned with faux antlers, pine cones (hand foraged by us), crystals, an array of everlasting faux forest flowers and vibrant mushrooms, they are the epitome of mystical beauty.


As you don one of these headresses, feel the transformative power it holds. Like a crown bestowed upon you by woodland spirits, it awakens your inner magic and connects you to the ancient wisdom that resides within nature itself.


The graceful curves of the faux tree antlers evokes a sense of ethereal elegance while symbolizing the harmony between human and animal realms. The delicate pine cones serve as reminders of evergreen resilience - steadfast through seasons both harsh and gentle.


Glistening crystals catch the light like stars embedded within your crown, infusing each moment with an otherworldly glow. Their presence is a reminder that magic can be found in even the smallest facets of life.


As you wear one of these bewitching creations, embrace your inner Forest Witch; let its magic flow through you like a gentle breeze, rustling leave or moonlight dancing on still waters. You become an embodiment of nature's mystique - part Human, part Fae, ready to cast spells in every gentle footstep. 


Due to each piece being uniquely decorated, please choose based on the numbers shown in the photo and message us with your desired headress after you place your order. 



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